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Musion M001
It's On

Do you ever find yourself standing before the first page of a new sketchbook, feeling that special something in the air? You know that this page should be something extraordinary, something that unleashes your creativity and inspires you. That's exactly how I felt when I set out to curate the very first playlist for the Musion Magazine Sampler. My mission? Not just to pick great songs but also to find music videos that would blow me away – and believe me, I stumbled upon some true gems. So, buckle up and let your ears and eyes embark on this journey with me.

1. French 79 — One for Wendy

Welcome to the lush, untamed heart of Panama's jungle, where creativity thrives amidst the vibrant foliage. In this decelerating music video by French 79, we get a glimpse into the artist's creative sanctuary, located in a rustic jungle hut. As he works on his musical masterpieces, we are taken on a journey through the breathtaking landscape and experience first-hand the source of inspiration from which the artist draws. What makes this video so special is that it celebrates the boundless creativity of nature and reminds us that inspiration can happen best when you escape from your ordinary surroundings. It's no wonder that this enchanting piece has been chosen as the overture for our sampler, as it perfectly encapsulates the theme and mood we aim to convey both in its content and its musicality.

2. Justice — One Night/All Night (Starring Tame Impala)

This music video has completely blown me away! Justice, known for their breathtaking visual artistry spanning from cover artworks to electrifying stage shows, has crafted a mesmerizing journey through the artwork of their upcoming album 'HYPERDRAMA'. Keep your ears peeled because Kevin Parker from Tame Impala lends his vocals to this track. Get ready to be captivated! By the way, mark your calendars because the album drops this April.


3. Myd — Domino

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the music video "Domino" by Myd. From the thrilling perspective of a hot-wheels car, we zoom along a track that winds through a house and ventures into unexpected realms. With the musician himself making appearances in nearly every scene, and the seamless transitions creating a captivating one-shot feel, the experience is nothing short of thrilling. And here's a little secret: I watched this video with my son, and he was absolutely spellbound. Each twist, every leap, and the looping ride had him on the edge of his seat, his eyes sparkling with excitement. It felt as though he was right there in the heart of the hot wheels adventure crafted by Robert Carlson himself.

4. Yuksek, Voyou and Pàula – Hypro Sensorial

Immerse yourself in the colourful and fascinating world of the animated vector illustration music video by Yuksek, together with Voyou and Pàula, for their song "Hypro Sensorial". With a colour spectrum (exclusively primary colours) reminiscent of a living colouring book, this video takes us on a psychedelic journey through castles in the air and past majestic waterfalls. The vibrant sounds and surreal aesthetics create a sense of flight and freedom, inviting us to lose ourselves in this audiovisual realm.

5. Jungle — Back on 74

The soulful tunes had already hooked me before I even watched the video, but when I did, I was completely over the moon. The choreography, by Shay Latukolan, is simply brilliant - every step, every movement is executed flawlessly. Shot as a one-shot, the video captures the energy and talent of the dancers in an unparalleled way.

But it doesn't stop there: The dancers are so breathtakingly beautiful that you can't help but develop a crush on the entire ensemble. Their grace and expressiveness add an extra dimension to the video that leaves me in awe.

By the way: The music video film that was made for Volcano is worthy of being recognised as an article in its own right.

6. H 3 F & Phum Viphurit — Catwalk

"Catwalk" by H3F & Phum Viphurit is a creative collaboration that captures the essence of spontaneous creativity and artistic synergy. The song originated from random thoughts and evolved into a satirical reflection on society and its obsession with social validation. During the band's initial meeting, Phum Viphurit's spontaneous utterance of the opening lines, 'Whatever you want, whatever you need,' served as inspiration for the song and became its central message. The title "Catwalk" emerged during the demo phase as a placeholder, encapsulating the infectious energy and rhythm of the track.

7. The Black Keys — Beautiful People (Stay High)

In the music video "Beautiful People," diversity takes center stage as a multitude of individuals from various cultures and backgrounds come together to dance to the powerful song. From bustling city streets to the serene outback, the video presents a vibrant tapestry of humanity, celebrating the beauty of our differences and the universal language of music. Each dancer brings their own unique style and energy to the mix, creating a mesmerizing weave of movement and expression.

8. Khruangbin — A Love International

"A Love International" by Khruangbin tells a captivating tale of blossoming romance in the charming music video directed by Scott Dungate. Set against a picturesque beach backdrop, the story unfolds as a young local attempts to win the heart of a tourist girl on a pontoon. The look and sound of the video go hand in hand, seamlessly blending into the sunset, just like the protagonists.

9. Ginger Root - "Everything's Alright"

Get the retro-feel with Ginger Root's "Everything's Alright" music video. Through the clever use of color channel shifting, reminiscent of 70s TV productions, the video transports us to a nostalgic era. But there's a twist – it's all about peeling back the curtain on a fictional anime series.

10. Kowloon - Wake Up

With stunning retro animations and surreal motifs, this video transports us into a realm of wonders and fantasies. Presented in vibrant colors, it unfolds a visual symphony that enchants us and invites us to dream.

11. Roosevelt - Luna

This performance video features a minimalist color palette, used boldly and expansively. Kaleidoscopic visual effects and grainy textures complement the sound perfectly, creating a harmonious blend of sight and sound.

12. Isaac Delusion feat. LUCASV — Let her go

This coming-of-age story video, reminiscent of 80s films, follows a young woman and her clique on a journey of self-discovery and friendship. As they navigate the highs and lows of adolescence, the video captures the essence of youth, freedom, and the bittersweet moments of letting go.

13. Wild Nothing feat. Hatchie - Headlights On

Join us with Jack Tatum at the wheel on a captivating nocturnal drive through shifting projections. At the outset, the backgrounds may seem realistic, but quickly, they become more abstract.

14. Faux Real - Faux Maux

With elements of post-punk, glam-rock, R&B, and a unique sense of humor along with boyband references, they deliver an unforgettable performance. The ironic outfits are just insane. In this video, one particular aspect that brought me joy was the "house." The cheesy refrain completely won me over, making this track my new guilty pleasure. Get ready to laugh, dance, and embrace the delightful absurdity of "Faux Maux" by Faux Real.

15. Declan McKenna - Mulholland's Dinner and Wine

In this captivating visual tale, the McKenna who plays a live coach takes Keith Leech on a whirlwind adventure to various locations, including a golf course, stock car race, and an underground party at the laundromat. With its weird vibe and vibrant scenes, the video is sure to lift your spirits and leave you smiling. Join Declan McKenna and his companion for an unforgettable ride.

16. flipturn - Space Cowboy

Set against the backdrop of a surreal planet, this visually stunning creation takes viewers on an unforgettable color experience. With seamless transitions and mesmerizing visual effects crafted by the renowned animation studio "Space Dawg," the video immerses audiences in a world of wonder and intrigue. From symmetrical landscapes to dramatic vistas, each scene exudes a sense of tranquility and grandeur that perfectly complements the epic sound of the song.


17. Bakar - I'm Done

Finally, we come to Bakar's music video for "I'm Done". Directed by rubberband., this clever concept will bring a smile to your face. Watch as Bakar performs in a room that's set in motion, creating a unique visual experience you won't want to miss.

Take the sampler with you when you are on the go. Here is the playlist on Spotify.