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Will GalperinWill Galperin

Will Galperin is a beacon in excellent music video direction, transforming visions into captivating cinematic masterpieces. His ability to capture the essence of the artist and their artistry is unprecedented. He sports an unmatched knack for merging multi-layered storylines with captivating visuals, demonstrating finesse and a keen eye for detail. His work with PVRIS on the music video for 'What's Wrong', and with Reignwolf for 'Over & Over', illustrates a bold and exhilarating style. Remember the underwater shots in the PVRIS music video? Well, that was Galperin holding his breath at the bottom of the pool for six minutes.

Galperin's creativity isn't confined to cutting-edge music videos alone. He once directed a horror short film 'The Trap', featuring Game of Thrones actor John Bradley. The film was showcased at the 2016 Raindance Film Festival. While he's not busy creating art, Galperin loves playing with his pet chihuahua. An interesting trivia - Galperin's dog starred in his music video for Brooke William's track 'Nightmare'. Yes, the same one where Williams perplexingly wakes up in her nightmare as her dog looks on mysteriously. Evidently, Galperin has left a significant impact on the industry by successfully marinating music and filming to create unique visual experiences.

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