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We Are from L.AWe Are from L.A

When it comes to shaking up conventional ideas about what a music video should look like, the directorial duo, We Are from L.A, has truly left an indelible footprint on the landscape of the industry. Emerging onto the scene with a bang in 2013 with their revolutionary, 24-hour long, interactive video for Pharrell Williams's hit single, "Happy", they instantly turned heads and broke boundaries. The interactive video showed various people in Los Angeles bopping along to the song in real-time, emphasizing the universality of music and happiness. In fact, the video got so popular that it spawned hundreds of parody versions worldwide, a development that only reaffirms its cultural impact.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, they've directed other music videos that are equally notable. One of their standout projects was “Here It Goes Again” for the rock band OK Go. That video features the band performing an intricate dance routine on treadmills, one take, no do-overs! Even more remarkable? No band member sustained injuries while filming. Their compilation of works showcases unique storytelling and pushes the boundaries on what we typically view as a music video, and they’ve successfully managed to transform the landscape of music cinematography with their unique vision.

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