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Victor HaegelinVictor Haegelin

Victor Haegelin, a titan of the music video industry, has greatly influenced the stunning visuals we see today in many music videos. He is an ace in stop-motion animation, ensuring every tiny detail is just right for an impactful and memorable visual experience. Artists and viewers alike laud Haegelin for his unique storytelling methods, which rely heavily on dramatic effects and intricate animation techniques. Considering his work in PATATOR Prod, it's not surprising that he is a role model for upcoming animation directors.

To tantalize your creative palate, let's dive into some of his remarkable pieces. Remember "Grow" by Frances and "My Room" by Gautier Serre? The extraordinary blend of live-action sequences and skilfully orchestrated animations in these videos are Haegelin's signature. To add a sprinkle of quirkiness to your knowledge about Haegelin, during an exclusive interview, he once confessed that he gets some of his best ideas while taking showers. Must be some great shampoo, huh? Thanks to Haegelin, we look at music videos as not just complementary to a song, but an impressive standalone artistic expression. Haegelin's work has proved that music videos indisputably benefit from well-executed stop-motion animations – ultimately adding depth to the music.

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