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Tony BlahdTony Blahd

Tony Blahd is a name that resonates with creativity and originality in the land of music videos. He wielded his craft with an unorthodox vision, producing a string of unique, memorable narratives that blurred the lines between music and storytelling. Standout pieces such as the visually striking video for Belle & Sebastian's "Nobody's Empire", with its mix of animation and live-action, and the tandem of 'slice of life' videos for Regina Spektor’s “All the Rowboats” and “Don’t Leave Me”, illustrate his knack for giving songs an unexpected dimension.

A fact about Blahd that seldom gets the attention it deserves - this wizard of the lens is also a trained puppeteer. This tidbit of information expounds the layers of symbolism and imaginativeness in the works ranging from The National’s “Graceless” to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s "Hysterical" – a lovable mess of human emotions, elegantly executed through his signature style. Blahd has not just left significant footprints in the world of music videos but marked his territory with bold strokes, markedly influencing their future path. Certainly, with Blahd, music videos became more than just sidekicks to music - they were characters of their own.

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