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Tom KingsleyTom Kingsley

Tom Kingsley is an award-winning British director having a proverbial Midas touch in the world of music videos. An illustrious career dotted with high-profile collaborations with A-list musicians, his audacious aesthetic blends the surreal with the grounded, breathing new life into the medium. Known for concocting scrupulously choreographed, visually engrossing narratives, Kingsley's work is distinguished by a strong cinematic feel and a knack for storytelling - weaving pictures and sounds into mesmerising medleys that resonates with viewers across the globe.

Among his most significant contributions to the industry, Kingsley's enigmatic work with the popular rock band "We Are Scientists" showcased his unmistakable signature style, turning everyday settings into eccentric dreamscapes. One peculiar twist about his process is that he habitually concocts his best concepts in an old leather chair - a quirky anecdote that may explain the perceived comfort and ease in his video narratives. In "Nice Guys," he transformed a mundane laundromat into a swirling feast of concert-going spectators, a dinosaur, and the band members performing amidst spinning clothes. For "After Hours," Kingsley delivered an unusual bar scene; as the band played on, couples 'argue' in a choreographed, balletic duel, emphatically hurling crockery but never making a sound. His capacity to turn the mundane into a world of wonder underscores his sustained impact on the industry and on those simply looking to experience music videos that are as innovative as they are compelling.

P.S: We suspect the leather chair might have been a mandatory prop for all his shoots. But that's just between us.

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