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Tobias LeverTobias Lever

Tobias Lever has undoubtedly carved himself a particular niche in the music videos scene. Known for bringing an unequivocally fresh and artistic visual style, Lever's innate ability to pair gripping narrative with clever cinematographic techniques has elevated him to the ranks of the industry's trailblazers. Beginning his career with a string of modest indie efforts, his eruption into the mainstream is marked by an impressive portfolio that includes works for A-listers like Jason Derulo, Liam Payne, and Craig David.

Quite notably, Lever made waves with Jason Derulo's visually stunning video for "Trumpets," where the concept brilliantly pairs Derulo's dance sequences with surreal projections cleverly layered onto them, creating a spectacle of light and color. In Craig David’s "Ain't Giving Up," Lever's use of mirrors for framing created an endless, illusionary playhouse. An interesting feature of Lever's direction includes his almost signature, subtle inclusion of a canary in every video, a nod to his love for ornithology. Similarly, while working with Liam Payne for "Get Low,” Lever manipulated visual effects and lighting to create a night-time backdrop, contrasting starkly with Payne's vibrant performance. While each video showcases the director's ability to enhance the musical experience visually, they also reveal the depth of his character and storytelling abilities. Lever's impact in the industry is undeniably significant, revolutionizing the way narratives are visualized in music videos.

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