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Tim HendrixTim Hendrix

Tim Hendrix – when you hear this name you can almost visualize shaping of a music video. Known for his distinctive explorative approach, Hendrix is a director who truly knows his craft. He unleashes his creativity by seamlessly fusing music and visuals to create a narrative that not only augments the song but also introduces a different perspective to the viewer. His work has effervescently breathed life into the music video industry, with a career that boasts directing videos for numerous big bands and artists.

One of his most iconic productions is his directorial work for LCD Soundsystem's 'Home' which showcased the vivid imagery and the innovative storytelling that he has come to be known for. Hendrix somehow made a seemingly mundane car journey into an ethereal odyssey of spirit animals and landscape transformations, demonstrating his gift for imbuing ordinary scenarios with a touch of the extraordinary. Now, here's a little secret about Hendrix, he has an odd fascination with vintage radios and was once rumoured to own over a hundred of them. He sees them as “a portal to a timeless story”, much akin to his music videos. His work remains a testament to the belief that music videos are not just promotional tools, but artistic expressions in their own right.

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