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Tilly ShinerTilly Shiner

As we delve into the world of music video directors who have made a significant impact on the industry, Tilly Shiner rightly deserves a mention. While his name might not immediately ring a bell for some, his work unquestionably does. Shiner has showcased a profound style and vision that focuses predominantly on creating atmospheric, abstract visuals—smashing the confines of conventional video-making with an artistic hammer.

Shiner's collaborations with several known artists have given fans memorable videos. One of his 'replay-worthy' pieces includes the hypnotic clip for "Afraid of Heights", where he effectively highlights the strengths of each band member, painting a vivid and dynamic sonic overview that could satiate any music lover's craving. Moreover, he added another creative feather to his cap with the multi-dimensional and nuanced video for "Live for the Moment", cementing his skill in mirroring the emotional depth of music through visual artistry. Interestingly, rumor has it that during the shoot of the grizzly-themed video for the popular dance track "Bearfoot", he was thoroughly dismayed upon discovering a chunk of the outfit was not an artificial prop but real bear fur.

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