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Thomas McMahanThomas McMahan

Thomas McMahan is a titan in the world of music video direction, known for his innovative filmmaking and storytelling techniques. An alumni of Art Center College of Design, some might say he's a wizard with animation. Serving as the driving force behind sensational videos for bands such as Superhumanoids and The Good Life, McMahan's work stands as a testament to his relentless creativity and unyielding commitment to his craft.

His collaboration with acclaimed band Of Monsters and Men in their video for "Little Talks" is particularly worth noting. The video is a fantastical display of animation and live action synergising perfectly, earning McMahan recognition and admiration throughout the industry. Many find it fascinating that despite the video's success, McMahan was actually colourblind, a startling revelation given the vibrant hues and colour play that trademark his work. This surprising anecdote emphasises his dexterity as a director, who turned what might have been considered a handicap into a unique creative advantage. Whether you're a seasoned music video addict or a casual observer, the unforgettable imagery of a Thomas McMahan production is likely to linger in your mind.

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