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The Sacred EggThe Sacred Egg

The Sacred Egg, which may sound like the name of a fascinating art installation or ancient artifact, is none of those. It's the collective name for Ed Kaye and Alex Mavor – a duo that has made significant waves in the music video industry. They have gone from directing no-budget videos for friends in 2012 to winning UK Music Video Awards. Their unique ability to combine music and imagery in a thought-provoking, expressive and consistent manner has allowed them to construct a compelling narrative that has redefined music cinematography.

The allure of The Sacred Egg lies in their knack for crafting intriguing and visually stunning scenes that pull viewers into an immersive world. A great example is their stellar work in Royal Blood's 'Lights Out' video. In this masterpiece, a flooded house is transformed into a surreal, underwater dance space with gravity-defying illusions. Similarly, in their video for Breach’s 'Jack', they've turned a mere grocer visit into a rhythmic dance testament complete with a faceless protagonist. Their ability to take the mundane and flip it on its head by blending eye-catching visuals with music has gone a long way in building strong narratives in their videos. Their creativity has allowed them to leave a significant imprint on music video directing as they continue to push the boundaries with their awe-inspiring artistry.

Are you ready for something utterly mind-boggling? We believe you are. The captivating video to London Grammar’s ‘Non-Believer’? Yep, that's their work too. Believe it or not, this duo put a spin on the very concept of space, playing with dimensions, gravity, physics...all in the confines of an elevator. Yes, you heard that right - an elevator! Through their work, the duo reminds the viewer to suspend reality and invite the magic of imagination. No wonder the industry is scrambling to 'crack' the secret of The Sacred Egg. See what we did there? Oh, the joys of word-play!

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