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Terri TimelyTerri Timely

Terri Timely, the pseudonym for co-directors Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey, is an American directing duo known for their inventive approach that blurs the lines between video art and music video. Recognized for their deeply evocative and engaging aesthetics, they have achieved acclaim in the industry for creating a unique spectrum of eccentric stories, tonal collisions, and unresolved tensions. Their filmography may not look lengthy next to some of their contemporaries', but in terms of creativity, they scarcely have an equal.

Their work is often distinctive for its blend of surrealism and real-world settings. Having directed videos for prominent artists such as Midlake, Modest Mouse, Joanna Newsom, and Little Dragon, they manage to transform everyday mundane realities into magic in a quirky, yet mesmerizing way. An interesting mini-tidbit: Terri Timely once used over 1,000 Ping-Pong balls and 500 mousetraps for Modest Mouse's "Dashboard" video to generate a chain reaction representing a storm at sea. Meanwhile, “Spoon” is another signature piece, where they bend the perception of time and space to align with Joanna Newsom’s unique rhythm and musical tempo. Each of their videos is an unexpected adventure, showcasing the duo’s talent for exploring new frontiers of narrative and visual expression, redefining music video as an art form.

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