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SPOD, a.k.a. Brent Griffin, sparked a revolution in the Australian electro-pop scene as a quirky singer-songwriter, a magnetic producer, and an inventive music video director. He was a complete game-changer who broke away from the glamorous stereotypes of music videos to create a visual tapestry that was raw, unique, and bursting with energy. His 2003 video for "Sequins", for example, was a low-budget, retro-styled joyride through suburban streets, a complete subversion of the expensive, heavily-choreographed MTV constructs of the time. Similarly, the video for his 2014 single “Couple Of Drinks” is a tongue-in-cheek romp that shows an awkward first date, celebrating the mundane with a sincerity that resonates with viewers.

The audacity of SPOD's approach to music video production can be summed up in an interesting fact about his 2014 visual album, 'Taste The Radness.' He shot it entirely on his iPhone, a first for a music video at the time. This audacious, guerrilla-style approach not only democratized music video production but also created an authentic visual aesthetic that was candid and unfiltered. His output, like his berserk kitchen dance party for ‘Boys Night’ or the hypnotic roller rink twirls in ‘Last Dance’, pushed the creative envelope while keeping viewers engaged with his unmistakable brand of creative flair. SPOD's gritty, honest and unpretentious videos serve as game-changers in the music video industry, influencing the way musicians and directors approach the visual expression of their music.

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