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Simon WestSimon West

Simon West, a British film director, certainly carries an array of achievements with him, but one cannot ignore his significant impact on the realm of music videos. Before taking a deep plunge into the cinematic world with features like "Con Air" and "The Expendables 2", West cut his teeth in the dynamic and rhythm-filled universe of music video directing. He has had the honor of crafting visual accompaniments for some of the industry’s most influential artists, like Bob Marley, Mel and Kim, and Rick Astley.

One peculiar twist to West's career involved Rick Astley's chart-topping hit "Never Gonna Give You Up". When the internet decided to seize this catchy tune and its accompanying video for the wildly popular prank trend known as ‘Rickrolling', West’s work inadvertently became a mainstay in digital culture. Astley's melancholic stare and West’s unintended comedic timing struck a chord with a whole new audience. Moreover, West was also the creative force behind Mel and Kim's "Respectable" video, a project that further cemented his legacy in the industry as a director capable of translating the unique vibes of the music into a visual form. Whether it was by choice or simply a peculiar twist of fate, Simon West's contribution to the music video industry is both significant and enduring.

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