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Sean SolomonSean Solomon

Sean Solomon is a name that might not immediately ring a bell, but you've certainly seen his work. This LA-based animator and director has quietly made a significant impact on the music video scene. After stepping into the spotlight in 2013 with his eclectic animation for Mikal Cronin's "Change" video, he continued to bend genre boundaries. His distinctive style merges the everyday with the surreal, resulting in visuals that you simply can't forget.

Take, for example, Solomon's video for Toro y Moi’s “Rose Quartz”. The video is an abstract kaleidoscope of color, featuring painted scenes - created by Solomon himself - that evolve and morph with the music. A common thread through Solomon's work has been his knack for transforming mundane settings into vibrant, animated spectacles. But his work isn't just visually appealing. It provides that much-needed dash of escapism, giving viewers a brief pause from reality, and transporting them to far-off worlds. And just in case you wondered, yes, this is the same Sean Solomon who had his career beginnings as a character layout artist for The Simpsons!

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