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Sarah FerreterSarah Ferreter

Sarah Ferreter, respected for his striking aesthetic, has buckled into the music scene with an impressive combination of style, storytelling, and unique vision. His path to music video directing was a twisted one, beginning in sound engineering. However, he found himself undecided where the sound ended and the visuals began. This led him to mash the two into the cocktail we now know as Ferreter's trademark visual symphony.

Among his most impactful works are music videos for renowned artists such as Gary Lightbody and FKA Twigs. Ferreter's touch on Gary Lightbody's 'I’ve Got You Covered' brings an irresistible edge to the bitter-sweet ballad. The visuals packed a punch akin to a heart-to-heart talk with an intoxicating relative at a family gathering. For the "Two Weeks" video for FKA Twigs, he weaved a universal narrative of power dynamics with almost otherworldly visual elements. An interesting tidbit? Sarah Ferreter is known to incorporate rubber ducks in his video sets as a good luck charm, giving crew members a light-hearted hunt during breaks. A quirk that simply amplifies the paradox of Ferreter: intricate yet approachable, imaginative yet grounded. This intriguing, multifaceted approach to music video making leaves audiences, and even fellow industry professionals, eagerly anticipating his next masterpiece.

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