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Saman KeshavarzSaman Keshavarz

Saman Keshavarz, renowned as a creative force in Hollywood, broke boundaries and redefined visual aesthetics with his unique approach to direction. He achieved critical acclaim for his mesmerizing surrealist landscapes that spring from his imagination, dancing with enticing harmonies on the viewers' senses.

Keshavarz's unassuming start includes his music video for Hot Chip’s “Hungry Child.” This creative venture, starring Martin Starr and Milana Vayntrub, illustrates the pure trials of a couple whose lives become invaded by a relentless song, which they just can't shake off (sounds familiar?). His keen ability to inject narratives into music videos was further demonstrated in his thrilling work for rock band Placebo’s "Loud Like Love." Here, he impeccably translated the track's emotional tension into a neon-drenched party scene, where love was no longer a fairy tale, but rather a rainbow-colored nightmare. Keshavarz has also channeled his talent into creating visuals for famous pop stars, such as Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love.” The video, which adopts a found footage style, offers an intimate perspective into the duo's faux romantic getaway, building a sense of believable affection between them. Summing up, Saman Keshavarz's vibrant imagery and storytelling finesse add a fresh perspective to the world of music video productions, making them more than mere accompaniment to soundtracks.

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