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Sam PillingSam Pilling

Sam Pilling is a British director who turned countless heads in the music video industry with his authentic storytelling and remarkable eye for detail. Having directed videos for a wide array of A-list artists including J. Cole, The Weeknd, and Two Door Cinema Club, Pilling's creative genius became immediately apparent. His most notable work perhaps is the music video for DJ Shadow's track "Nobody Speak" where he ingeniously staged a diplomatic meeting turning into a frenzied brawl; a concept so clever and perfectly executed it became an overnight global sensation.

In addition to his unique style and conceptual brilliance, Pilling has a hidden knack for showcasing small, everyday moments in extraordinary ways. His video for SBTRKT's "Hold On" beautifully illustrates this as he explores the monotony of daily life with a layer of surrealism. It’s said that Pilling's secret weapon is his ever-present yoyo, as he often uses it to distract, impress and break the ice with his artists. Be it his quirky trademark or his exceptional talent, there's little doubt that Sam Pilling has left an indelible impression on the music video industry.

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