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Ryan RundleRyan Rundle

Ryan Rundle has carved a unique path in the realm of music videos. Known for his ability to perfectly sync visuals with rhythm, he is the artist behind some of the most astonishing music videos we've seen over the past years. His vibrant aesthetics and immersive concepts complement each other seamlessly, breathing life into the songs and rendering an unforgettable audiovisual experience. His most popular venture was his collaboration with the Australian singer, Sia, on her hit single "Cheap Thrills". The video was a triumph of choreographed chaos mischievousness, which, without uttering a word, celebrated the joy of dance.

Rundle’s creative brilliance was also illustrated with his mesmerisingly surreal video for "Need You Now" by CUT. The narrative presented a world of lost lovers stuck in a never-ending loop, bringing forth an emotive journey of love, loss, and regret. There's a rather curious touch to this. It's said that Rundle, for reasons best known only to him, ensured exactly 23 pigeons were digitally put in the video, discretely showing up in the background scenes. Such is Rundle's eye for unconventional details, that it often becomes a delightful hunt for viewers to find such hidden elements within his work.

Breaking down the barriers of traditional music video aesthetics, Rundle's work is celebrated for its visionary storytelling. His contribution to the industry has not only elevated the standard of music videos but has also redefined how music can be visually experienced. So the next time you find yourself engrossed watching a captivating music video, don't forget to check for a hidden pigeon or two. It might surprise you whose work you're admiring.

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