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Ryan ReichenfeldRyan Reichenfeld

Undeniably impactful, Ryan Reichenfeld made a name for himself as a powerhouse music video director. Graduating from Tisch School of the Arts, he embodied a knack for encapsulating the dynamic duality of raw reality and larger-than-life narratives. Reichenfeld effortlessly combined this juxtaposition in his videos - take Good Charlotte's "Last Night," where he captures the frolicking hilarity of a mock 'Price Is Right' gameshow with the band's live performance. This particular video got the internet buzzing, with both critics and viewers applauding his ability to echo the band's energy while adding his unique spin.

A gift that keeps on giving, Reichenfeld is also known for directing some significant pieces in the pop culture. One of them being the Cherry Glazerr's "Nuclear Bomb" - a story about a woman who falls in love with her Rickenbacker, embodying a satirical take on the idea of loving inanimate objects. Let's also not forget about the famous "Budapest" by George Ezra, filled with delightful stop-motion effects that are sure to make anyone smile. Ryan took what could've been a classic performance space and reinvented it into an eye-popping video extravaganza. It is not an exaggeration to say, Ryan's skill in crafting visually creative narratives has left an indelible mark in this industry.

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