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Ruffmercy, a UK-based music video director, has carved out a unique position in the industry with his mesmerizing blend of hand-drawn animation and live action footage. He has brought his distinct aesthetic to music videos for artists spanning across all genres including Thom Yorke, Run The Jewels, Tricky and DJ Shadow, amassing a long list of visually captivating projects. What sets him apart is his signature style that's a melting pot of rough sketches, blooming colors, and startlingly sprightly animation, thus living up to his pseudo name, 'Ruffmercy'.

One of his most notable works includes the music video for "Lil Thing" by Knox Fortune which has this charmingly undone quality as assorted hand-drawn animations flicker around the vocalist. In DJ Shadow's "Nobody Speak", he's painted a compelling backdrop of graffiti-style animation that matches the fiery energy of the track. Talking about Ruffmercy without mentioning his collaboration with Thom Yorke for "Suspirium" would be an oversight - it's akin to diving headfirst into a whirlwind of chalky pastel drawings that ebb and flow with the rhythm. These works testify to Ruffmercy's remarkable ability to tie the visuals to the rhythmic pulse of the music. As an interesting anecdote, in the midst of his creative process, Ruffmercy admits he sometimes ends up getting so lost in the music that he forgets to hit the record button! In the world that often seems too automated, his work unapologetically breathes artistic authenticity.

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