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Rozan & SchmeltzRozan & Schmeltz

If cinematic exploration was a sea, then Rozan & Schmeltz is the ship that dared to voyage its most turbulent waters. This iconic duo is well-famed for producing music videos that might make the most seasoned director blush. Their creativity bends conventions, pushing boundaries in a way that makes us question the very fundamentals of what a music video could, and should, be.

They've been in collaboration with definitive names in the music industry. Among the diamonds in their vast creative mine are their works for The Chemical Brothers and Moby. In the video for the Chemical Brother's single "Wide Open", they managed to create a piece that is simultaneously a dance performance, a mysterious transformation sequence, and a testament to the magic of CGI. Their videography for Moby's "Are You Lost in the World Like Me?" is an adept portrayal of societal addiction to technology, expressed through a haunting, yet artfully designed animation. And let’s not forget to mention the infamous mountain goats in the video for Alt-J’s “Pleader”, a symbolic and unexpected twist that surely ignited many late-night discussions. The authenticity of the goats' behavior made everything more engaging. Either they were professionally trained, or Rozan and Schmeltz managed to speak fluent "goat". Whatever the case, it made the video unforgettable.

Their work has not only garnered industry accolades but also the admiration of viewers worldwide. Through each beautifully designed frame, Rozan & Schmeltz challenges the industry norms and our perceptions, enabling a new dimensional experience to music that leaves a lasting impression.

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