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Romain SegaudRomain Segaud

Romain Segaud, acclaimed director, has an intricate visual style that made him a notable name in the music industry. Segaud is lauded for manifesting the almost impossible concepts into reality via his music videos, resulting in creations that often verge on the avant-garde. Exceptional examples of his work include "Go With The Flow" for Queens of the Stone Age, "Seven Nation Army" for The White Stripes, and "Consolation Prizes" for Phoenix. It's undeniable that these music videos helped shape the visual aesthetics of their respective bands, underlining the impact of Segaud's directorial vision.

A unique aspect of his creative process is his methodical approach to create and layer complex images in perfect harmony with the music. He owes this unique edge to his initial training as a graphic designer, which gave him a profound understanding of aesthetics and visual balance. It is said that Segaud's favourite pastime is to concoct espresso-based drinks while contemplating his ideas, eventually, those caffeine-infused thoughts flow into his creations. In this way, he ensures that every scene is most evocative of the song’s message and emotion. This deep, personal connection between the artist and video director holds invaluable worth in the music industry, and Romain Segaud brings that insight in spades.

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