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Robotina, not to be confused with the homonymous company, has remained a trailblazer in the world of music video directing throughout his illustrious career. Over the years, he’s masterfully crafted visually stunning narratives that helped boost the tracks to iconic status, effectively revolutionizing the medium. His visual language and storytelling prowess redefined the possibilities of the genre in an industry where standing out is everything.

He's known for seamlessly blending gripping narratives with electrifying performances. His diverse portfolio spans genres and styles, but his trademark surreal imagery and visceral storytelling remain consistent. Robotina’s embracing of cutting-edge technology and special effects has driven the visual evolution of music videos, most notably seen in his work for Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love" where he pushed boundaries with realistic humanoid robots. Intriguingly enough, despite his bold on-screen contributions, Robotina himself steers clear of the limelight. One lesser-known fact is he never appears at award shows, opting instead to continue working on his next visual feast. True to his namesake, Robotina, it seems, doesn't stop creating.

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