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Rob ShawRob Shaw

Rob Shaw, the brains behind some of the most strikingly artful music videos in recent years, well-deserves the admiration he's garnered in the industry. As a storyboard artist at Bent Image Lab in Oregon, Shaw cut his teeth creating amazing sequences for Saturday Nights Live's TV Funhouse until his talents were recognized and he got behind the camera to direct his own visions.

His ability to navigate through mixed media platforms, and blend varying art forms into cohesive pieces is second to none. The perfect illustration would be Portugal, The Man's 'Feel It Still’ video. This interactive video equipped with embedded social and political messages which viewers could click and explore was both a triumph of music video innovation and storytelling. Or perhaps you'd remember the melancholic stop-motion animation in They Might Be Giants' 'Bastard Wants to Hit Me.' Shaw had only seven weeks and a shoe-string budget, and yet delivered a memorable video that still resonates. A keen zoologist, Shaw has an odd yet captivating habit - he likes to weave in his fascination for animals in a lot of imagery he creates. For instance, in My Morning Jacket's 'Outta My System', he turned the band into Cyclops monsters navigating through a psychedelic animated landscape! Anyone who thinks that music videos are a dying form should spend some time with Shaw's portfolio - you'll soon realize that our television might not be dead, it's just morphing into something more engaging!

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