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Radical FriendRadical Friend

Radical Friend, comprised of the dynamic duo Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian, has truly made their mark in the world of music videos. One can't ignore their ingenuity and the vibrant stories they tell in videos that meld auditory and visual artistry together. Their first music video project was "Golden Path" for the Chemical Brothers, a work that established them as fresh talents appreciating both music and cinematography.

One of their most iconic projects remains the music video for Yeasayer's "Ambling Alp", a masterpiece that champions their love for avant-garde concepts. Most viewers remember it for its other-worldly desert landscapes, punches of neon colors, and the strange magnificent humanoid creatures, but the zesty ending has also been a topic for discussion. In the crescendo scene, the band members are seen coating themselves with a thick mud, which had a composition inspired by a classic sandwich spread - peanut butter. McClure and Grigorian have perfectly demonstrated that you can, indeed, make high art out of the most ordinary materials. With such innovative thinking, their impact in the industry is as mesmerizing as the videos they craft. They turn the everyday into fantastical stories and objects into art, making them true radical friends to the music video industry.

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