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Pleix, often mistaken as a single person, is in fact a collective of seven Parisian artists, helming a diverse range of specialties from graphic design to directing. Making waves in the industry since the early 2000s, Pleix has masterfully intertwined cutting-edge technology with artistic vision to create some of the most poignant and ambitious music videos of the decade. They were the blessed rebels of the digital age, tossing aside the allegiant old-school filming styles and embracing computer graphics to tell vivid, whimsical stories.

Pleix's videos are renowned for their abstract and hyperreal aesthetics, utilizing plenty of slow-motion sequences and digitally-manipulated effects. Remember "E-Birds" for Vitalic, where droves of distorted, digitally-rendered birds create a stirring psychedelic ballet? Or who could forget their work for Basement Jaxx's "Where's Your Head At?", a cheeky twist on classic imagery that's unlikely to leave your nightmares anytime soon? And of course, there's "Beauty Kit", an ironic, thought-provoking piece for Kid606 that gave us a perplexing glimpse into humanity's obsession with beauty. Perhaps the only thing wilder than Pleix's vivid imagination is their prowess to make it all a visual reality. Their inventive integration of technology in cinematography has continued to inspire new generations of artists across the globe.

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