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Pascal TeixeraPascal Teixera

Pascal Teixeira is a sublime creator and imaginative mind in the world of music video direction. With his unmistakable style and distinct aesthetics, he's brought a sense of intangible magic to every video under his direction. He rose to prominence through his work with the band Phoenix, creating the memorable video for their breakout single 'Lisztomania'. What makes this interesting is that Teixeira had met the band in a Parisian bar, struck up a friendship, and eventually, this collaboration was born. The video, which features the band members tripping around a cityscape, was a unique breath of fresh air amidst heavily stylized music videos of that time.

Teixeira's work doesn't end with Phoenix. He's teamed up with the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and M83, demonstrating his growing appeal in the indie music scene. His crisp, beautiful visual storytelling in Two Door Cinema Club's 'Sun' and M83's 'Go' resonated greatly with the respective fan bases of these bands and solidified Teixeira's position in the industry. One piece of enthralling trivia is the fact that the idea of shifting colors through the entirety of the 'Sun' video was inspired by a random moment Teixeira had with a lava lamp. His style is eclectic, pushing boundaries while affirming that the music video medium can still very much be an artform. Unquestionably, Pascal Teixeira's contribution to the music video industry has been significantly impactful and undeniably remarkable.

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