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Oscar HudsonOscar Hudson

Oscar Hudson is a name practically synonymous with inventive filmmaking in the realm of music videos. An unshakable force in the industry, Hudson has played a significant role in transforming the way music videos are made and understood. His work is enigmatic and wrapped tightly in visual splendour, having a distinct style that both challenges the viewer and enriches the auditory experience. Physically manipulating the environment around him, Hudson has an astounding knack to create spatial illusions, seen in his video for Bonobo's 'No Reason', where an entire narrative unfolds within an endlessly shrinking room.

What ain't typical about this talented Brit is his debut into the world of music videos, which was less about glitz and glamour but more about quenching his love for parkour. Before gracing us with visually compelling videos like 'Turn' by The Wombats, Hudson made a parkour video for his friends, showcasing them bounding across London’s rooftops. This video became an overnight sensation, paving the path for Hudson's exploration in the magic of visual storytelling. Hudson's work continues to shape modern music videography, pulling audiences into an immersive, sometimes dizzying, but always mesmerising tapestry of sight and sound. A delightful example of Hudson's unique style can be witnessed in his video for Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’. Although the rapper never shows up on set, Hudson constructs an inventive narrative around the story of his absence, cleverly blending expectations and reality.

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