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Oliver Hadlee PearchOliver Hadlee Pearch

Hailing from the UK, Oliver Hadlee Pearch is the mastermind director behind some of the most breathtaking music videos of the last decade. His distinct visual language, a combination of bold colours and engaging narratives, is not only visually enchanting but also sets a new benchmark in terms of artistic storytelling in music videos. Cutting his teeth on the music scenes with indie bands, Pearch’s work gained attention when he started working with mainstream artists, thus carving his own intriguing journey from obscure music director to the global stage.

His video for Jungle’s “Heavy, California” is a perfect example of his keen eye for unusual locations and the magic of natural light. In this video, he managed to make an abandoned derelict building seem like the most idyllic dance floor. Keeping up with his genius aesthetics, his video for Damon Albarn’s “Everyday Robots” blended realistic undertones with an endearingly bizarre edge. Pearch’s knack for squeezing out juicy facts is evident in the video he directed for Dua Lipa and Angele’s “Fever", where every scene was shot at a real location in London to give a more authentic feel – one of them being a kebab shop, which later had its business boomed due to the publicity from the video.

From indie bands to superstars, Oliver Hadlee Pearch has bought every music video he touches to life with a distinctive colour treatment and an engaging backdrop story that sets his work apart. His contribution to the industry is undeniably significant, revolutionizing the way music videos are conceptualised and perceived around the globe.

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