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Ole ZiesemannOle Ziesemann

You may not have heard about Ole Ziesemann before, but he's been producing stirring visuals and crafting creative music videos behind the scenes for years. His work, predominantly in Germany's hip-hop scene, has earned him recognition and admiration both locally and internationally. His keen eye for capturing raw and evoking imagery in his music videos often tells stories that provoke thought and emotion.

Ziesemann’s work comprises a range of both solo projects and collaborations with other artists. One of his notable projects includes directing the music video for RIN's "Vintage," which humorously juxtaposes modern hip-hop culture with vibrant 80s aesthetics. His incredible flair for capturing mood and setting the atmosphere is also vividly noticeable in "Monoton," a music video for German rapper SAM, where he perfectly encapsulates the essence of melancholy in a urban setting. An interesting fact about Ziesemann is that, despite the implicit intensity of some videos, he has an unique way of incorporating peculiar, often oddly-placed props on sets, adding a certain quirky charm to his work. Whether it's an out-of-place rubber duck or a full-sized ladder in the middle of a room, Ole has his way of keeping viewers on their toes.

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