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Ninian DoffNinian Doff

Ninian Doff is a prestigious name tightly bound to campaign films and music videos worldwide. His innovative brilliance earned him the chance to deep dive into the music video world, displaying a distinctive storytelling style that left his mark on the industry. Run The Jewels' "Love Again" and The Chemical Brother’s "We’ve Got To Try", are only two examples of his creative genius; the former making a compelling case for nature’s pollination process, while the latter tells the story of a dog trained to become a Formula 1 racer.

Doff’s imagination knows no boundaries. Take 'Turn Down for What' from DJ Snake and Lil Jon, a video boasting an intense, almost frenetic energy that takes viewers on a wild, wall-smashing ride. But then you have his work for Miike Snow's 'Ghengis Khan', a James Bond-esque video with an unexpected twist; a villain and a hero engage in a dance-off instead of a classic fight. More than just a fun twist, this video became a commentary on tropes of masculinity. Despite the spectrum that Ninian Doff's work encompasses, the underlying thread of unpredictability and narrative nuance within his videos represents the hallmark of his brand. He has transformed music video storytelling, thus reshaping the industry's perception of what a music video can be.

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