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Nate ChateauxNate Chateaux

Nate Chateaux has been working almost exclusively with the band Handsome Jack since 2018, writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing eight videos with the rock trio that have garnered some awards along the way and have helped propel the band into the visual space by always giving their fans something extra to look forward to. While the videos they've created together have had mostly a comedic element, given the band's chill vibe and good nature, Nate doesn't consider himself pigeonholed into one genre and let's the music dictate where the concept goes and ultimately what is possible given the micro-budgets they have to work with.

In addition to orchestrating his productions and working behind the camera, Nate has also been a featured actor in multiple videos, inserting himself as a wacky character that acts as a foil to Handsome Jack. Whatever the song, whatever the story, each of his videos seems to have a focus on fun that makes for an entertaining few minutes to accompany some rocking good tunes.

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