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Nabil ElderkinNabil Elderkin

Nabil Elderkin is a cinematic Maestro who commands a deep respect in the music video industry. He seamlessly weaves storytelling, visual effects, and songs into masterpieces you can’t help but play on a loop. With his roots in both Australia and America, his artistic influences are as diverse as his cultural backdrop. Elderkin is particularly known for creating minimalist yet deeply emotive visuals, as well as pioneering a gritty, raw aesthetic in music videos. He's behind the captivating videos of big-name stars like Kanye West’s “Welcome to Heartbreak”, Frank Ocean's "Pyramids", and The Weeknd's "Twenty Eight", to name a few, which have played a big part in defining their public artistry.

Nabil received his first camera, a Nikon F3, as an 11-year-old "surfer dude" in Australia, a gift from his father that fueled his passion for photography and started his journey into visual storytelling. With an uncanny ability to bring out the unfiltered emotions of urban landscape and culture, Nabil systematically uses his lens to beautifully marry the world of music and cinema. A little-known fact about this director is his unique introduction to Kanye West, managing to get a hold of Kanye's email during his early career and sending him unsolicited shots, a wild gamble that definitely paid off. So next time you get lost in the visual depth of FKA Twigs' "Two Weeks" or get captivated by the stunning cinematography of Bon Iver's "Holocene", know that Nabil Elderkin, the man who bought Kanye West's website before he could, is the whiz behind it.

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