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Mike BurakoffMike Burakoff

Mike Burakoff stands as an intriguing figure in the music industry with his distinctive directorial style. Known for his innovative ways of storytelling, he had created a significant impact in the music video landscape. One might recognize his name from award-winning and standout works such as "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man and "Animal" by Miike Snow. Burakoff's uncanny skill in blending gripping narratives with captivating visuals elevated these songs significantly, etching them deeply in the memory of its viewers.

An interesting nuance about Burakoff is that his career has not been restricted solely to music videos, demonstrating his incredible versatility. He's also behind a few notable commercials, which includes product promotions for giants like Samsung and Bud Light. It was said that during a Bud Light project, his camera somehow fell into the beer vat, but he steered it masterfully, creating such a unique shot that made the final cut. Apart from that, his collaboration with Miike Snow has blossomed into an immersive concert experience known as 'IN-Q', reiterating his scene-setting prowess, and confirming that there's a good dose of imagination beyond his acclaimed music videos.

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