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Michael ReichMichael Reich

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Michael Reich is one of the industry's most inventive music video directors. Cutting his teeth in the field by making tour videos for hard-to-crack, impending musicians, Reich's originality sparkled, turning what could have been your average home videos into artful, thought-provoking pieces. One of his best-known music videos is for She & Him's, "Don't Look Back," where Reich creates an incredibly detailed retro-futurist world, blending classic aesthetics with speculative fiction.

Imagine few directors focused on creating music videos with a budget, at times, similar to a high schooler's weekly allowance. And yet, Reich manages to make compelling visual narratives that often feel more like miniature films instead of just mere music videos. A perfect example? His award-winning video for The Cribs' "Men's Needs," which features a naked man causing chaos on set. Now, that's dedication to the craft! So whether it's turning humans into robots for the band Yacht or bringing a dash of science-oriented eeriness to Ryan Adams' "Gimme Something Good", Michael Reich is, indeed, a game changer.

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