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Matthieu Bessudo, more affectionately known as McBess, is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in the music and art world. He's not merely a talented director, but also an accomplished animator, illustrator, and even a musician. This diverse toolkit of skills really shows up in his work, creating a unique blend of stylish, captivating visuals that stand out in music video history. Take for example his work for Dead Pirate's 'Ugo', an indie rock band he's part of. The video is a black and white animated triumph, featuring a surreal, highly intricate universe filled with bizarre creatures, each meticulously drafted in McBess's distinctive style.

Born in France and based in London, McBess’s impact on the industry lies in his ability to marry sound with illustration and 2D animation. Not only does McBess create the visuals, he contributes to the music as well, further solidifying his unique aesthetic in the videos he helps create. His punk rock attitude also shines through his work, with eccentric characters rocking out or engaged in outrageous activities. His video for Beat Assailant's ‘Hard Twelve’ oozes this attitude, presenting animated characters that emanate coolness and edginess against a gritty urban backdrop as they skate and groove to the beat. Interesting to note, McBess never eats fruit, which might explain the absence of any fruity elements in his otherwise expansive universe!

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