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Maxim KellyMaxim Kelly

Maxim Kelly is a veritable wizard in the world of music video direction, a craft he has diligently refined over the years. A London native with a background in graphic design, his stylistic unique touch has made him a favorite among a diverse roster of artists. His flair for the fantastical and the thought-provoking shines through in videos such as Crystal Fighters ‘In Your Arms’, Wild Beasts ‘Bed of Nails’ and Metronomy ‘Reservoir’; each one testament to his knack for weaving arresting visual narratives that complement the nuances of the music he works with.

A particularly endearing Maxim Kelly fact is his knack for literally crafting his way out of technical difficulties. Notably, during the filming of the Metronomy 'Reservoir' video, when a mechanical squawking seagull broke down. Kelly's artistic prowess shone through as he resorted to puppeteering the offending bird, leading to some unexpectedly charming results. His recent work with the band Django Django for their track 'Marble Skies' exhibits his progression into exploring more abstract and experimental visual storytelling. A committed proponent of the creative process, Maxim Kelly continues to push the boundaries of music video direction, shaping and enhancing the experience for audiences worldwide.

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