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Matthew ShultzMatthew Shultz

Matthew Shultz has been swiftly emerging as a firebrand in the world of music video direction, constantly pushing the scope of artistic visual storytelling. Best known as the frontman of the rock band Cage The Elephant, his venture into music video direction has garnered considerable respect among his peers and fans alike. As a director for his band's music videos, Shultz has been the creative mind behind a swath of aesthetically arresting works like "Cigarette Daydreams," "Come a Little Closer," and "Trouble." These aren't just music videos; they're a captivating amalgamation of gritty surrealism and artistic whimsy.

One of the unique things about Shultz's directorial work is the way he plays around with unusual ideas. For example, in the video for "Cold Cold Cold," one of Cage The Elephant's hits, we're privy to a bizarrely fascinating sequence involving a medical operation attempting to remove 'self-doubt' and 'social anxiety.' A peculiar concept, yes, but one that mirrors the song's thematic elements beautifully. Moreover, you may find it intriguing that Matthew doesn’t shy away from using his band mates as part of the video narrative, often placing them in rather outlandish situations; take the video for "Aberdeen" where the band are chasing a giant, runaway colored rubber ball. It's just one of the many instances where he transforms his love for music into ardent and immersive visual narratives.

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