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Matt ShanafeltMatt Shanafelt

Matt Shanafelt is not a common household name, yet his mesmerizing artwork is known to music fans worldwide. As a music video director, Shanafelt's influence has an undercurrent that flows through the industry. He has effectively bridged the gap between visual storytelling and sounds, crafting cinematic masterpieces for the music videos he directs. Borrowing techniques and aesthetics from various art forms, Shanafelt has contributed to the industry by bringing a novel artistic dimension to music videos. This feat is clearly featuring in his work on videos like Tülpa & BLANKTS's ‘GNATS’.

An interesting fact about this creative maestro is that he hails from a background in digital design and 3D animation. Hence, Shanafelt's visual narratives often embrace surrealism and fantasy, which can beautifully bewilder viewers. A signature instance is his direction of the video for The Polish Ambassador's ‘Let the Rhythm Just’. This video employs psychedelic visuals that mimic the sounds and rhythms, creating an immersive sensory experience that illustrates Shanafelt's ability to paint moving landscapes with music.

Thus, you could say that Matt Shanafelt doesn’t just create music videos; he builds euphoric realms which both entertain and surprise. He utilizes his deep knowledge of multiple art forms to visualize music in a way that is unconventional, yet undeniably captivating. And at the end of the day, Shanafelt reveals his ultimate trick; he makes us realize that music is not just what we hear, but also what we see.

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