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Lorenzo FondaLorenzo Fonda

Lorenzo Fonda, often known by his pseudonym “Cerberus,” is a visionary in the world of music videos and commercial film production. Born and raised in Italy, Fonda managed to make a notable mark on the music video industry, having directed works for artists like Moby, Metronomy, and The Bloody Beetroots. His distinct visual style, a vivid blend of animation and live action, gives his work a mesmerizing, dream-like quality that has earned him international acclaim.

One of Fonda’s most remarkable works is Metronomy’s "The Look" music video, where a innocent-looking seagull guides us through a simple story of a day by the sea, a creative approach that will certainly impress you. Another eye-catching work is the animated video for Moby’s track “Ooh Yeah” which cleverly plays on the endless amusement of chasing after a seemingly unattainable desire - in this case, a pizza. Back in 2008, Fonda took a leap of imagination and created a one-of-a-kind documentary, “Megunica”, that followed street artist Blu on a painting trip through South America. Needless to say, Fonda’s conceptual creativity knows no bounds. As a tiny bit of trivia sticks out from Lorenzo Fonda's oeuvre - he might have been the only director so far who used a seagull as a main character for a music video. This cinematic Jack of all trades is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the music video realm.

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