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Lisa PacletLisa Paclet

Lisa Paclet, a Paris-based filmmaker, who is known for her visually arresting style which blends fashion, art and avant-garde, has carved her own niche in the music videos industry. While the vast majority of filmmakers are looking for that one big video to propel them to fame, Paclet has steadily built her reputation on lesser-known, yet remarkably memorable, clips for artists like Mika, Chassol, Rone, and Darius. She holds a unique ability to transform even the most simple concepts into mesmerising experiences, often relying heavily on choreography and strong abstract visuals.

Now let’s plunge into Paclet's crown jewel, notably, Mika’s “Boum Boum Boum" video, where she effortlessly portrays a sultry, '60s-inspired romance using European tropes. Then there is the kaleidoscopic magic of Rone's 'Parade', where Paclet is seen playing with the ideas of isolation and reincarnation while sprinkling it with Rone's haunting sounds. Speaking of the video of Darius’ “Hot Hands," she created an enigmatic narrative of a woman in love, told through the expressive artistry of dance. Each of Lisa Paclet’s videos feels like an invitation to a hidden world of sound and emotion just waiting to be discovered and appreciated. And who can forget that she managed to pull off an entire music video - "The Wheel" by SOHN - almost entirely revolving around... a wheel! It's that quirky approach that makes Lisa Paclet an unsung hero in the art of music video direction.

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