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Lionel WilliamsLionel Williams

Lionel Williams, a name that might not ring a bell initially but his work, no doubt, has left an indelible imprint on the music industry. Known for his transcendent visual landscapes, Williams has long been turning heads with his innovative music videos. Straddling between ethereal and psychedelic, his style has redefined music visual presentation, offering audiences a vivid entry into the songs' deepest layers of meaning. This visual virtuoso has worked with a diverse range of artists from Unknown Mortal Orchestra to Meyhem Lauren. An interesting factoid is that Williams is also skillful in painting and sculpting, incorporating these talents into his music videos by often handcrafting props and sets.

Williams' most defining work could arguably be Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Multi-Love." The video is an instant immersion into a dreamlike 3D interior, filled with surreal objects and whimsical imaging effects. It is reflective of Williams' iconic style that harmoniously merges the absurd and the sublime. Another masterpiece of his is Meyhem Lauren’s “Glass.” The video mixes green screen, digital and hand-painted elements creating a stunningly brocadesque visual narrative, mirrored to a T by the song’s heavy, street-smart flavors. Would you believe that Williams edited the entire video on his grandma's old tube television? It presents a testimony to his ingenuity and resourcefulness, hallmarks of a distinguished director. The unassuming tube television, paired with a host of visual special effects tools, produced an artistic piece par excellence. Williams's success as a music video director resides in his relentless pursuit of creativity and originality, literally thinking outside the "tube."

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