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Liam LynchLiam Lynch

Liam Lynch is a multi-faceted creative individual, notable for his prowess in music direction. He's best known for directing the awesomely quirky music video for "United States of Whatever", which is actually his own song. This cemented his reputation as a director with a keen eye for originality, capable of blending humour with subtle yet astute social commentary. Lynch's work is characterized by a rare fusion of creativity and audacity. Aside from showcasing his own music, he's also directed Tenacious D's cult classic "Tribute", expertly marrying the song's outrageous storytelling angles with equally ingenious visuals.

Lynch’s esteemed creativity isn't limited to music videos. He co-created the wildly inventive puppet-based MTV show 'Sifl and Olly', further demonstrating his knack for outside-the-box thinking. One unforgettable anecdote involves Lynch and the notoriously frenetic Foo Fighters. While initial plans for a sprawling, bombastic performance video weren't quite working out, Lynch suggested that the already-dressed band simply walk down the street. The final cut? The memorable video for "Walk", which captures Dave Grohl's infamous "rage-filled" journey, reminding audiences just how effective an impromptu, stripped-down approach can be. A testament to Lynch’s narrative intelligence and ability to create unforgettable moments, whether armed with a puppet, a guitar, or a bunch of frazzled rockstars.

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