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'Krozm', may be a name that invokes curiosity in the mind, but for those who know their music videos, it's a name that means innovation, art, and dynamic storytelling. This Australian director duo has blessed the music industry with several award-winning music videos, raising the bar for everyone else. Their vivid imagination and sharp aesthetic sensibilities have given us art pieces that can be watched repeatedly, offering something new each time. One of their most acclaimed works till date has been 'Hearts a Mess' by Gotye. The haunting, stop-motion engrossed video not only amplified the ethereal melancholic feel of the song but also established them as giants in crafting visual narratives.

However, their creativity isn't limited to just hair-raisingly beautiful stop-motion videos. For instance, their video for 'Do You Realize??' by The Flaming Lips was an explosion of colours, feelings, and unforgettable imagery that yet again portrayed their deftness in transforming a song into an audio-visual experience. What's even more intriguing is how all of their videos are completely different. Now that's versatility at its best. Fun fact? They are actually childhood friends - Chris Hill and Lachlan Dickie, who continued to friendship into a creative partnership. So, the next time you see a music video that leaves you awestruck, don't be surprised if it has the Krozm signature on it. After all, crafting iconic videos is what they do.

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