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Kristijan RadosavljevicKristijan Radosavljevic

Kristijan Radosavljevic has made a name for himself in the world of music video directing with a style that's as innovative as it is captivating. A veritable wizard of the lens, Kristijan's unique approach to cinematography has brought a breath of fresh air to industry, with videos bursting with color, energy and an unmistakable style that is irrefutably his own. Often working with talents from his homeland, Serbia, he built an impressive portfolio that perfectly complements the array of artists he's collaborated with, among them are popular bands and musicians such as Van Gogh, Zemlja gruva and Marčelo.

One intriguing anecdote about Radosavljevic involves the video he directed for the song "Probijam led" by the band RMX Band. Now, this wasn't your usual music video shoot: Radosavljevic decided to film it underwater! Not an easy feat, but the end result was truly mesmerizing, a testament to Radosavljevic's commitment to pushing boundaries and breaking free from the norm. As for his impact on the industry, it's hard to overstate: Radosavljevic has set the bar high with his ingenious video concepts that bring a new level of depth to the music he complements, inspiring a wave of directors to up their game. His vision, his commitment to his craft, his ability to turn ideas into visual symphonies - these are the qualities that make Kristijan Radosavljevic a torchbearer in the world of music video directing.

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