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Kiku OheKiku Ohe

Kiku Ohe, hailing from Sydney, Australia, is the music industry’s ace of spades when it comes to finding someone with the perfect blend of expertise in filmmaking and crisp storytelling. Initially working in the advertising industry, Ohe insightful and probing mind kept on seeking new challenges, which eventually led him to become a prominent music video director. Ohe's directorial finesse was first widely recognised in his work on Joe Sp Iso's "Awake". His colloquial style of filmmaking questioned conventional norms surrounding how narrative and music could be interwoven, providing tactile, immediately identifiable imagery that stuck with its viewers.

One interesting part of Ohe’s journey is his work with The Weeknd. Here, he was asked to bring a vision for the artist's song "In The Night" to life. In response, Ohe managed to pull off a mini epic that was an intriguing blend of a thrilling crime drama and an emotionally charged music video. What else? Of course, the legendary magnum opus “The Less I Know The Better” for Tame Impala, a hypnotic psychedelic journey that won the best music video at the UKMVA's and gained--like a high score in video games-- more than half billion views on YouTube. The expertly choreographed chaos, the unabashed celebration of absurdity, Ohe goes on to display that music videos are capable of so much more than being mere accessory to the main product. They have the power to enhance, to create an entirely new dimension of storytelling.

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