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Keith SchofieldKeith Schofield

Keith Schofield possesses a unique voice in the world of music video directing. A blender of pop culture references and oddball creativity, he turned heads with his genre-shattering works. Who could forget the compactness of narrative in Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Heaven Can Wait?" Or how about the brilliantly inane surreal humor pervading Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf?" That video alone caused a slew of double takes, with its distinctive approach of addressing body acceptance. One can only imagine Schofield's production meetings for such concepts.

Schofield's impact on the industry extends beyond confounding audience expectations. He's been instrumental in pushing music video concepts into bold, sometimes uncomfortable territories, forcing viewers to reconsider the boundaries of the medium. His work with Diesel for the 'Jeans for Successful Living' campaign turned typical fashion ads on their heads with its hilarious denial of expected imagery. In Bassment Jaxx's "Where's Your Head At," he further showcases his ability to unsettle viewers with bizarre, yet catchy visuals involving monkey-human hybrids. It's a wild safari, one that perfectly complements the raw energy of the track itself. Somewhere between the absurdity and cheekiness, you get a sense of Schofield's mantra - to challenge, to disrupt and to entertain.

If you delve into Keith Schofield's portfolio, an interesting pattern emerges. He directed three commercials for Old Spice featuring Bath Rugby Club. Filled with machismo and offbeat humor, the ads involve the rugby players uttering Shakespearean lines while performing burpees and bench presses. Schofield might be the only director in history who can say they've brought the Bard to the weight room. An unconventional Hollywood fact you won't catch anywhere else!

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