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Justin IzumiJustin Izumi

Justin Izumi may not be a household name, yet his contributions to the music world are of significant importance. As a prominent music video director, he has been shaping how we experience music on screen for the past few years. One of his most prominent works is Tones and I's "Dance Monkey" video, which racked up over a billion views on YouTube. Yes, you read it correctly, one billion! This is more than the entire population of Europe, Africa or the Americas. So in a way, you could say he directed a video for every person on an entire continent. Imagine the impact!

What sets Izumi apart in the industry is his knack for narrative storytelling. His videos aren't just visually appealing, they tell a story, bringing the song to life. He did exactly this with Niall Horan's "No Judgement," the video he directed. It portrayed a fabulously eccentric elderly couple, complete with pet snakes, and somehow made them enchantingly endearing. Not many can pull off convincing viewers to potentially love their future pet reptiles, but Izumi sure did. His mastery of storytelling combined with his innovative visuals have left a lasting imprint in the industry and have done more than just entertain us, they've made us see music in a different light.

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