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Julien HenryJulien Henry

Julien Henry cut his directorial teeth on a variety of music videos, displaying an impressive versatility that has led to acclaim and recognition in the music industry. His work stands out for seamlessly weaving visual narratives that enhance the musical content, holding the viewer's interest from start to finish, and often leaving them wanting more. Switching between various genres and adapting his style to each project, no two pieces of his work are quite the same - a refreshing feat in an industry that can sometimes resort to formulaic trends.

One of Henry's remarkable projects is the video for Kavinsky's hit "Nightcall", where he seamlessly blended a neon-lit noir aesthetic with a catchy synthwave soundtrack, making it a cultural phenomenon that truly defined the late 2000s. Another fascinating piece he directed is Motorama's "Heavy Wave", which showcases his ability for subtle storytelling. The video, like the song, is haunting, dreamlike, and achingly beautiful. It's like stepping into an abstract painting come to life. Here's something you might not know: Henry is proficient in French, English and Russian, a skill he’s used to his advantage on multicultural sets. Also, despite his success, he's known to occasionally sneak out during his own premiere afterparties to catch the latest releases at a nearby movie theater. How's that for dedication to his craft?

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